Structural Steel Fabrication

No matter how developed a sector becomes, continuous attempts are made to achieve improvements and an overall increase in value.

Infrastructure is one of those sectors which occupy a prominent place in the growth of any economy and hence various parties involved in different stages or aspects of the same try to formulate new methods with the following objectives:

  • Strengthening the foundation
  • Utilizing the available space optimally
  • Reducing the costs

Reinforced girders, columns, and other structures made of steel are one of the several outcomes of this. Use of the structural steel as a material in the construction projects has increased significantly. But, in order to set the strong foundation for any building with the help of structural steel, it is necessary to see that the steel structure itself is sturdy and free from all flaws. And this can be ensured only by selecting the tradesmen who specialize in this activity.

But, don’t feel the excessive burden on your shoulders after reading this, as you don’t need to launch the search operation for such tradesmen. Tib Welding has a team of committed individuals who have extraordinary skills in structural steel fabrication in Melbourne. From the single-storey grocery store to the high-rise apartment, we are capable of finishing every assignment quickly and efficiently.

Our structural steel fabrication services in South East Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, and Northern & Eastern suburbs of Melbourne encompass:

  • Advanced software to convert engineering or architectural designs into shop designs
  • Automatic machinery and up-to-date fabrication equipments
  • Sophisticated models/designs for all small and large scale projects
  • Licensed and accredited metal fabricators
  • Assistance in erection of steel structures

Our team sees that the shop designs created are workable, reliable and precise. Regardless of the size of the project, we can fabricate steel beams, columns, joists, studs, and so on, as per your specific requirements.

Structural Steel Fabrication