Architectural Steel Work In Melbourne

TIB Welding offers a one-stop solution for the architectural steel fabrication needs in Melbourne CBD, South East Melbourne, Northern Suburb Melbourne & Eastern suburb Melbourne

We are proud to have designed and fabricated architectural steel work for a variety of projects, such as homes, schools, public and commercial buildings, shopping malls, etc.  We have a reputation for providing superior design and workmanship.

Architectural features include:

  • gates and fences
  • doors
  • window frames
  • roofing
  • wall panels
  • curtain walls
  • fire escapes
  • staircases – straight and spiral
  • railings and balustrades
  • balconies

Our design team works with you to envisage the finished work, create and agree precision designs using modelling software, and employ the latest machinery and our expertise to produce superior, beautiful results.

If you want to know whether steel is the right choice for your property, please contact us.  Our Architectural Steel designers would be happy to meet with you to discuss the project in more detail.

architectural steelwork Melbourne